· Published a thesis on the Homeland Security Digital Library titled “What Type of Homeland Security Strategy Should the State of New Jersey Create”.

· Published an article in Professional Investigator Magazine on Ethics. 

· Created the first draft of the State of New Jersey Homeland Security Strategy. 

· Commanded a task force of 140 police officers in post-Katrina New Orleans. 

· Recruited by Fairleigh Dickenson University to assist in writing the curriculum for a new Intelligence-led Policing Certificate Program in their graduate school. 

· During my stint as an investigator, disarmed and saved a man suffering from mental illness and armed with a loaded shotgun from committing suicide without injuring him. I can still see the tears rolling down the cheeks of his father as he thanked me for saving his only son.

· I have appeared as an expert witness in many high volume drug trafficking cases. 

· Former Region 9 Coordinator for Special Olympics Florida. 

· Recipient of multiple military decorations to include the Meritorious Service Ribbon, seven (7) Army Commendation Medals, and an Overseas Reserve Training Ribbon.